Novotneho lavka 200/5, 116 68 Prague 1, Czech Republic

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President - Ing. Přemysl M a l ý, CSc.
Executive Secretary - Hana V a l e n t o v á


The Czech Mechanical Engineering Society is a non-profit organization of mechanical engineers, integrating all interested parties in mechanical engineering and related subjects. It organizes - for its members, as well as the public at large - all types of expert activities, aiming to gain new information and provides support related to various industrial subjects.

Membership in the CMES is open to all physical and legal entities. The mission of the Society is satisfaction and promotion of professional and social interests of its members and further developing its creative abilities and knowledge.
Member of the Society - whether physical or legal entity - has all rights to participate in the Society's meetings and congresses, participate directly in the Society's work and influence the activities of selected sections. Employees of the Society's member, just as the individual members of the Society (physical entities) too, have an equal right to participate in all events of the Society under favourable conditions.
The most frequent activity of the CMES is organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, courses and presentations of domestic and foreign companies. The categories are: hydraulics and pneumatics, motor vehicles, toolmakers, industrial technology and tribotechnology.
In the area of international cooperation CMES has an agreement in place of permanent cooperation with ASME - The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and has full membership in the international non-governmental organizations:
- ICOMES - International Congress of Mechanical Engineering Societies
- CETOP - European Oil Hydraulic and Pneumatic Committee
Permanent membership in the Czech National Committee FEANI ( European Federation of National Engineering Associations) enables to its members to obtain and use the prestigeous title of EUR ING.

CMES is a voluntary member of the Czech Union of Scientific and Technological Societies (CSVTS) .

Types of the CMES expert activities


  • Provides its members with organizational and material support,
  • Disseminates technological information, especially by consulting and presentations,
  • Takes advantage of its expert pool as well as by organizing and promoting long-life education and requalification,
  • Publishes, in direct cooperation with the Tribotechnology section twice a year "Tribotechnical Information" in Technology Weekly magazine,
  • Organizes seminars of our domestic and foreign experts, presentations of equipment, products as well as services of domestic and foreign companies for its members,
  • Collaborates closely with the editorial offices of the Technology Weekly in promoting its activities and regularly informs its members, as well as the public about its upcoming events,
  • Offers contacts between Czech industrial companies and foreign counterparts on cooperation and joint ventures.